Smarter testing with AI-powered FPGA development

Save valuable time when coding and deploying custom instrumentation by having Moku Cloud Compile and ChatGPT do it for you. Just prompt, adjust, copy, and deploy to Moku devices to get prototypes or custom instruments running in minutes.

Moku Cloud Compile FPGA code

Moku Cloud Compile and ChatGPT: Essential strategies for testing smarter with AI

Learn how to use ChatGPT to create custom VHDL code, deployable to Moku Cloud Compile on Moku devices.


A test platform you can rely on.

With Moku Cloud Compile (MCC), you can code, compile, and deploy custom instrumentation to your Moku device. However, VHDL programming often comes with a steep learning curve for users with limited experience. By asking ChatGPT to help you develop the code you need, you can unlock instant access to nearly infinite custom signal processing techniques with MCC.

Streamlined development

When AI tools write VHDL for you, your team can focus on testing your design, not writing and debugging code.

Fully integrated instruments

Test your design where you deployed it. With Multi-instrument Mode, you can digitally connect an entire suite of instruments to your MCC design for fast, efficient testing.

Intuitive signal visualization

By using MCC with ChatGPT, you can build early prototypes, custom instrumentation, and complex signal processing pipelines, even with limited VHDL experience.

Not just 14 instruments — infinite instruments.

With 14+ integrated instruments within Moku devices, ranging from test bench essentials like the Oscilloscope to advanced tools like the Phasemeter, you can enable a wide range of testing with a single device. Need a custom instrument? No problem. When you leverage the power and flexibility of Moku Cloud Compile, you can create and deploy any instrument you need. And when ChatGPT writes the code for you, the process is even faster. Watch the video to learn more.


Engineered for demanding applications. Like yours.

With Moku:Pro, you have access to multiple pieces of advanced instrumentation in one device. Deploy up to three other instruments alongside custom MCC programs to tackle application such as:

• Precision spectroscopy with a custom Boxcar averager
• Tracking overpower events with a custom event counter
• Smoothing incoming signals with a custom moving average filter
• Performing complex computations like the square root of an incoming signal

Lock-in Amplifier with Moku products
MiM with MCC and Osc for OSU case study

Bring it full circle.

Beyond compatibility with AI tools like ChatGPT to accelerate the development of custom instrumentation, Moku devices also allow you to develop novel machine learning projects. Learn how students at Wuhan University of Technology developed a custom conference room system with adaptive noise cancellation and accelerated neural network speaker identification using Moku:Go.


Compare hardware platforms

Explore Moku hardware options. Compare the instrument specs to choose the right device for your application.

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