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Whether you need to test sensor performance, characterize components, or perform custom signal processing, you can rely on Moku to deliver the results you need. From general-purpose test and measurement to specialized optics and photonics experiments, Moku delivers a full suite of instruments ranging from an Oscilloscope to a Laser Lock Box.


Software-defined test: An easier way to automate and validate

Watch our webinar to learn how to automate these measurements with LabVIEW.

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Buckle up — it's time to experience a better way to test

Moku devices integrate a full suite of essential test instruments to deliver the flexibility you need for research and development, debug, validation, and more. From LiDAR system development to EV testing to simple component validation, Moku offers both test bench essentials and highly specialized instrumentation for your most experimental applications.

Build custom signal processing pipelines

Adapt your test system to the experiment at hand with Multi-instrument Mode. Perform in-vehicle drive tests with the Oscilloscope and Data Logger, verify sensor accuracy with the Lock-in Amplifier and Spectrum Analyzer, or perform CAN messaging with the Logic Analyzer / Pattern Generator, you can streamline your workflow with Moku.

Streamline your entire test flow

With lossless, digital interconnections thanks to the FPGA-based architecture, you can eliminate excess noise and loss from your setup. Control the intuitive user interface from a distance with the convenient iPad or desktop Moku: apps without having to directly access the equipment for rewiring and reconfiguration.

Works with your preferred APIs

Built with the REST API framework, Moku APIs allow you to fully interface with Moku devices. With advanced support for LabVIEW, MATLAB, and Python, you can use tools you're already familiar with to bring your test system to the next generation of instrumentation. 

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Take a hands-off approach to test and enjoy the ride

Save time and energy by consolidating test equipment into a single piece of hardware. Walk away from your lab bench with the iPad interface, allowing you to test from a distance. Easily run a series of tests using a single setup with a full suite of integrated instruments — without needing to swap to another station.

Engineered for demanding applications. Like yours.

With Moku:Pro, you have access to multiple pieces of essential test equipment in one device. Deployed standalone, in Multi-instrument Mode, or accessed with APIs, Moku instruments cover applications such as:

• Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
CAN protocol communication

Component validation
In-vehicle data logging
Open- and closed-loop control system design


Get instant access to new instrument features

We continually update our software with new features, so your Moku device gets better over time. Check out our latest upgrades for Moku:Lab, Moku:Pro, and Moku:Go to enable multi-instrument and customization capabilities across the entire Moku product line, strengthen API support, improve the capabilities of multiple software-defined instruments, and support a broader range of use cases for component validation, test automation, and more. Watch the video to learn more.


Compare hardware platforms

Explore Moku hardware options. Compare the instrument specs to choose the right device for your application.

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