Perform efficient Bode analysis with the Frequency Response Analyzer

Measure the frequency response of a system or device under test (DUT) in both magnitude and phase using a swept sine output from 10 mHz to 500 MHz. Characterize filters, measure impedance, or even determine s-parameters of multi-port networks.

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Bode analysis made simple.

The Frequency Response Analyzer makes system characterization easier than ever. Measure the transfer functions of electrical, mechanical, or optical systems to optimize the closed-loop response of control systems, characterize resonant behavior in nonlinear systems, design filters, and measure the bandwidth of different electronic or optical components.

Measure complex transfer functions.

Use vector measurements across fundamental and harmonics to characterize non-linear effects.

Perform multi-channel analysis.

Probe up to four systems simultaneously with Moku:Pro, or up to four ports on one system.

Characterize resonant behavior.

Find open- and closed-loop transfer functions for power supply stability analysis and more.


Improve signal-to-noise ratio with Dynamic Amplitude adjustments

The only Frequency Response Analyzer with Dynamic Amplitude adjustments. Automatically check every point in the sweep for saturation, lowering the output signal amplitude until saturation is no longer detected on the corresponding input. Make accurate measurements without sacrificing dynamic range, even when measuring signals whose amplitude response varies strongly with frequency.

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Easy to use, easy to share.

Customize your analysis with a wide range of settling and averaging times, one-touch normalization to remove cable spurs, and a configurable math channel. Drag-and-drop cursors to rapidly measure exact values. Once you're done testing, save the data and share it with teammates from the app.

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Engineered for demanding applications. Like yours.

With the Frequency Response Analyzer, you can make common frequency response measurements at a fraction of the cost of other solutions, all with the power of 14+ additional instruments built in. Perform measurements such as:

  • Impedance measurements
  • Open- and closed-loop plant characterization
  • Stability analysis
  • Power supply analysis
  • Filter characterization
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