Streamline feedback and control system design

Stabilize even the most sensitive systems with the Moku PID Controller. With fast feedback and embedded filtering, rest assured knowing that we'll take care of error correction and monitoring.


Mastering Moku: Tips and tricks for smarter testing

Listen to technical marketing engineer Jessica Patterson cover Moku instrument control from the basics to advanced applications.

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A test platform you can rely on.

The Moku PID Controller integrates crucial functionality for open- and closed-loop tuning while also working alongside additional instruments for advanced applications. Combine Lock-in Amplifiers, Digital Filter Boxes, and more to create a fully contained lab in a single device.

Low latency

Utilize up to four fully configurable PID controllers with sub-microsecond latency for applications such as laser and phase stabilization.

Compact footprint

Control and monitor up to four instruments at once in Multi-instrument Mode for ultimate efficiency in a space-constrained lab.

Real-time plant control

Customize nearly every step in the signal processing chain. Upgrade from DIY solutions and limiting simulation environments for enhanced research.

Visualize your signal configuration

Design your control system's frequency response in real time using the interactive Bode plot, embedded within the Moku PID Controller. Customize proportional (P), integral (I), differential (D), double-integral (I+), integral saturation (IS), and differential saturation (DS) gain profiles. Download the software for free to explore demo mode.


Engineered for demanding applications. Like yours.

With Moku, you have access to multiple pieces of advanced control systems instrumentation in one device. Deployed standalone, in Multi-instrument Mode, or embedded in other instruments like the Laser Lock Box, the PID Controller covers applications such as:

• Feedback and control systems design
• Laser frequency stabilization
• Pressure, force, flow rate, and other controls
• Scan heads/sample stage positioning
• Temperature regulation


Advance optics and photonics instruments in a single platform

In order to develop effective microscopy and spectroscopy systems, you need a variety of equipment, from a Lock-in Amplifier and Spectrum Analyzer to a Data Logger and digital filters. With Moku:Pro, you have the ability to form complete signal processing pipelines in a single device, choosing from advanced optics and photonics test equipment to the everyday test bench essentials. 

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Compare hardware platforms

Explore Moku hardware options. Compare the instrument specs to choose the right device for your application.

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