From backpack to benchtop

Moku:Go is a flexible device ideal for actively testing electrical engineering designs and projects.

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Redefining engineering education with Moku:Go: Strategies for success at Oregon State University

Learn how one professor is helping his ENG 101 students complete graduate-level projects with Moku:Go.


The engineering lab solution you can take anywhere

Whether undergraduate student or life-long learner, Moku:Go delivers unmatched convenience and accessibility. When one device has digital I/O, integrated programmable power supplies, and a full suite of embedded instruments, you can bring your bench with you.

Integrated hardware

Up to 14 instruments in one device. From the fundamentals like the Oscilloscope and Waveform Generator to advanced tools like a PID Controller and Lock-in Amplifier.

Teach it all

From introduction to circuits to senior design, Moku:Go is the ideal instrumentation companion for students at every stage of learning.

Small, but powerful

Two 30 MHz analog inputs, two 20 MHz analog outputs, 16-channel digital I/O, and up to 4 programmable power supplies.


Signals and systems

With an instrument suite that includes an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, FIR and IIR filtering tools, and a lock-in amplifier, students will have everything they need to learn concepts from fundamentals of signals to digital filtering and software-defined radio.

Digital systems

Transition from simulation to hardware with ease with the Moku:Go device’s robust digital instrumentation suite that includes a logic analyzer, pattern generator, and protocol analyzer.

Advanced users can take advantage of Moku Cloud Compile, enabling access to the Moku:Go FPGA.


Control systems

Visualize fundamental mathematical concepts with the Moku:Go PID Controller, and teach system identification across the time and frequency domains with ease by toggling between the Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Data Logger, and Frequency Response Analyzer.

Compare hardware platforms

Explore Moku hardware options. Compare the instrument specs to choose the right device for your application.

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Moku:Go is a simple, compact, all-in-one device ideal for testing and teaching every aspect of electrical and computer systems.

Moku:Go is a compact, integrated hardware platform that features up to 14 lab instruments.

With two analog inputs, two analog outputs, 16 channel digital I/O, and up to 4 programmable power supplies, Moku:Go is a truly comprehensive mixed-signal device and an ideal learning companion.

Whether undergraduate student or life-long learner, Moku:Go delivers unmatched convenience and accessibility. Practical yet inspired, Moku:Go is designed to go wherever your ideas take you.

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Moku:Go software is free and available for desktop (Windows/Mac), iPad, and Apple Vision Pro.

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