Microscopy and spectroscopy lock-in detection

Achieving ultra-precise imaging and detection in complex experiments, such as stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) microscopy and advanced laser spectroscopy, is challenging when desired signals are obscured by noise, making it difficult to get accurate results. The Moku:Pro Lock-in Amplifier significantly improves the ability to extract desired signals with 66% lower analog input noise than the leading competitor with twice the number of channels.

Lock-in Amplifier and LabVIEW

A new phase for test: Essential strategies for modern phase detection

Listen to director of product Ben Nizette cover advanced phase measurement techniques to achieve noise-optimized measures of phase, frequency, and amplitude.

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A test platform you can rely on.

For many microscopy and spectroscopy applications, desired signals are often very weak, making it difficult to perform optical imaging or extract data from samples. The Moku Lock-in Amplifier allows you to efficiently extract and analyze small signals obscured by noise. With Multi-instrument Mode, you can detect multiple frequencies or harmonics simultaneously, with no extra equipment required.

Efficient multi-channel test

Deploy up to four independent Lock-in Amplifier modules in one device for an adaptable and scalable microscopy system, enabling you to test with multiple microscopes simultaneously. 

Integrated PID Controller

Add a built-in, high-speed PID Controller for closed-loop control. Adjust parameters to configure gain profiles without interrupting your measurement.

Intuitive signal visualization

Monitor long-term system performance with the integrated four channel, 1.25 GSa/s Oscilloscope while you log data at up to 10 MSa/s using the built-in Data Logger.


Advance medical imaging with multi-channel test

Microscopy measurement techniques such as stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) microscopy allow for label-free imaging, enabling disease diagnosis, pharmaceutical and drug transport research, and other materials science applications.

By using the Moku:Pro Lock-in Amplifier, you can streamline sample analysis by engaging four Lock-in Amplifiers simultaneously through Multi-instrument Mode, making the price per channel of the Moku Lock-in Amplifier the most competitive in the industry.

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Enable ultra-sensitive measurements

When developing a highly sensitive laser spectroscopy technique for ppb-level detection of methane to help advance the search for dark matter, researchers at the University of Alberta utilized Moku:Lab because of its performance and flexibility.

To further enhance Lock-in Amplifier sensitivity, Moku:Pro utilizes a patented ADC-blending approach. Try the software in demo mode to test drive the Lock-in Amplifier, with built-in probe points and data logging capabilities.


Advance optics and photonics instruments in a single platform

In order to develop effective microscopy and spectroscopy systems, you need a variety of equipment to integrate into different imaging scenarios, from a Lock-in Amplifier and Spectrum Analyzer to a Data Logger and digital filters. With Moku:Pro, you have the ability to form complete signal processing pipelines in a single device, choosing from advanced optics and photonics test equipment to the everyday test bench essentials. 

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Compare hardware platforms

Explore Moku hardware options. Compare the instrument specs to choose the right device for your application.

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