Quantum optics made easier

Performing sensitive quantum experiments can be complicated — your equipment shouldn't be. Easily create, calibrate, measure, and analyze your optical setups, all the way down to the quantum regime. 

Moku:Pro displayed on an optical table with components mounted nearby. Two researchers work in the background.

Achieving precise phase control in optical applications with digital phase-locked loops

Watch our webinar with Optica on demand to learn the fundamental components of a phase-locked loop and how single FPGA-based system can fast-track optical phase locking, while leveraging Python for control and feedback.  


A test platform you can rely on

Moku devices integrate a full suite of instruments crucial for laser stabilization and measurement, like the Laser Lock Box, Phasemeter, and Lock-in Amplifier, while providing common test essentials like an Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, and Waveform Generator. Thanks to the software-defined, multi-instrument platform, it's easy to integrate custom algorithms into your experiments.

Lossless photon counting

Utilize the 4-channel Time & Frequency Analyzer to detect individual photon events, generate time interval statistics, and determine correlation functions between channels - all with zero dead time. 

Painless laser locking

Easily lock lasers to a cavity using the Laser Lock Box — no manual configuration required. With Lock Assist, you can instantly lock to any zero-crossing on the demodulated error signal.

Custom tools

Use the onboard Moku Cloud Compile to deploy custom signal processing and analysis algorithms directly onto a Moku device's FPGA, and run them alongside all of your other instruments. 

The precision you need, with the flexibility you want

The Moku Phasemeter allows you to visualize multi-channel phase, frequency, and amplitude with microradian precision, all while recording with an embedded data logger. Watch the video to learn more.

Engineered for demanding applications. Like yours.

With Moku:Pro, you have access to multiple pieces of advanced optics instrumentation in one device. Deployed standalone or in Multi-instrument Mode, the Lock-in Amplifier, Laser Lock Box, Phasemeter, and Spectrum Analyzer cover applications such as:

  • Laser frequency stabilization with PDH locking
  • Mach-Zehnder interferometry
  • Broadband frequency detection and analysis
  • Hanbury, Brown and Twiss interferometry


A Moku:Pro and iPad sit at a desktop workstation. In the foreground are optical components with a laser beam passing through them.

Advanced optics and photonics instruments in a single platform

We continually update our software with new features, so your Moku device gets better over time. Check out our latest upgrades for Moku:Lab, Moku:Pro, and Moku:Go to enable multi-window viewing and consistent instrument offerings across the entire Moku product line, strengthen API support, improve the capabilities of multiple software-defined instruments, and support a broader range of use cases for closed-loop control systems, spectroscopy, laser frequency stabilization, and more. 


The future of quantum optics testing is software-defined

Quantum optics is an incredibly broad field containing a multitude of active sub-fields. It's also much older than you might think. Read about areas of active research and how Moku can help with your quantum optics experiments. 

A Moku:Pro sits on an optical table near a small experimental setup consisting of optical components. Two researchers investigate their results on an iPad.

Compare hardware platforms

Explore Moku hardware options. Compare the instrument specs to choose the right device for your application.

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