Moku + Apple Vision Pro

Discover the ultimate optics lab experience.

visionOS for Moku is here.

Scientists in an optical lab using Apple Vision Pro to make measurements with Moku and visionOS.

Surprisingly practical.

You already look like a dork in your laser safety goggles. Lean into it. Upgrade your laser goggles to a full-color, interactive mission control center for the lab. Apple Vision Pro is a non-transparent, camera-based vision system. When fitted properly, Apple Vision Pro provides a tight light seal and can be more comfortable than some laser goggles. Not only will you be immersed in your research, but you'll be fully untethered from the equipment rack and free to navigate your optical bench without additional monitors.

It’s like god mode for scientists.

Users tell us the iPad app makes them five times more productive in the lab, thanks to its mobility. Now, with visionOS support, level up even more. Interact with multiple instruments with gestures or at a glance. Place and scale instrument windows where you need them around your optical bench for easy real-time data monitoring. Make essential measurement adjustments with your eyes, a pinch, or a poke.

Scientist using a lock-in amplifier with Moku and Apple Vision Pro visionOS in an optical lab.
Scientists making Allan deviation measurements with Moku and Apple Vision Pro in an optics lab.

And you thought your monitor was big.

Get the big picture by controlling your system from a 15-foot-high, cinematic screen locked in 3D space. The Moku screen is crystal clear and infinitely thin, but feels every bit as real as a physical monitor, all with the same intuitive, iPad-style user interface that you already know and love. Monitor multiple instruments at once while reviewing documentation or APIs.


Software-defined gets better over time.

Moku reconfigurable hardware quickly integrates the latest technologies so you can move faster — but visionOS isn't the only thing we're bringing to your Moku. From a brand-new instrument to the ability to simultaneously control multiple Moku devices, learn more about the latest software enhancements here.

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About Liquid Instruments

Most test environments are unique and require customized configuration and careful optimization of multiple instruments, adding cost and time upfront and throughout the test cycle. Liquid Instruments’ reconfigurable Moku is the only test solution that is engineered and optimized for friction-free customization in both simple tests and complex multi-instrument environments. In hundreds of labs around the world, Moku has accelerated the timeline of crossing from idea to implementation by an order of magnitude, reducing the time and cost of advanced research and development. Because our reconfigurable Moku test solutions are engineered by a team of distinguished research scientists to be easy to use and versatile, they deliver efficiency gains in the most complex test scenarios today and meet your ongoing needs in the future. Experience Moku cost-free by requesting a demo today.